Verdens tøffeste og sikreste ruter for
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This makes our glasses unique


Our window frames have completed approved blast tests. We make everyday life safer for machine operators.

Clear vision

Because we use a special polycarbonate Safir route that is DIN approved You drop anti-reflections and glare. Our routes have a corpse optical clarity like the original glass in the construction machine.

No disturbances

The panes are made of polycarbonate sapphire and manufactured to DIN standards. Instead of using two routes, we use one. You avoid icing in the winter and dust between the panes.

No remodeling

We see a need for alternatives that provide good visibility and safety. Our frame does not require any conversion of the cab. The complete window frame is built in aluminum and weighs less than 40 kilograms.

Norwegian quality & design

For the best possible quality assurance, we produce everything locally in Norway. The frames are produced at Rud in Bærum and can be adapted to any project. We can also produce all kinds of explosion-proof windows for vehicles.

A unique product

Polycarbonate sapphire is 300 times stronger than glass. The route is completely hydrophobic, withstands acid washing and is easy to maintain. This is a Norwegian quality product, and we have all frames and spare parts available for quick delivery.

XploSafe works to make everyday life safer for the entire construction industry

We have compiled statistics for the construction sector throughout the Nordics

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See how our patented Clearplex film reinforces the panes

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